Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?
Does it seem that no matter what you've tried, the pain just won't stop?
Are you tired of people telling you that you should be "over it" by now?
Don't give up!
We recently hosted our powerful "You're Not Crazy, You're Grieving" workshop
Dear Grieving Friend,

Trying to end your struggle with grief isn't nearly as easy as they make it seem, is it?
The emotional, mental and physical pain has gotten the best of you. You have tried:

Support Groups

... and they all left you with frustrating results or more pain.

But There is Good News!

Hey there, my name is Kelli and yes, I know exactly how you're feeling.

I lost my mother and my son within two years of each other.

Everything people were telling me to do just wasn't working. I had to find a way to move past the grief and live a life of thriving, not just surviving.

I developed a framework to help me get past grief.

I'm now able to take the painful moments I’ve experienced and leverage them into a richer and more full life, and I'm very lucky in that I can now prepare for any tragic event ahead of time so I know how to deal with it when it shows up.

I want to show you how I got through the grieving process...twice in two years.

Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the recording of this powerful workshop to get on your path to recovery from grief.
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In the "You're Not Crazy, You're Grieving Workshop" you will:
  • Learn WHY it has been so hard to recover from grief
  • Gain the tools you need to help you in recovery
  • Come out with a personalized daily plan to help you in your recovery process
Meet your trainers:

Kelli Nielsen
The Grief Guru

Kelli teaches you her step by step framework that she used to quickly recovery from grief after the tragic loss of her 20 year old son to a drug overdose. She also helps you create a personalized roadmap so you can get "unstuck" and set yourself on the path to a fulfilling life.

Dr. Darlene A. Mayo
Neurosurgeon and Neuroscientist

Dr. Darlene teaches you the science behind what happens in your brain when you are grieving, and equip you with tools, based in neuroscience, that, along with Kelli's framework, will help you get on the path to recovery from grief quickly!

Don't miss out on this incredible offer!

Excerpt from the book: "You're Not Crazy, You're Grieving"
by Kelli Nielsen

My mother is gone. My best friend is gone. The person who loved me unconditionally and had my back and wanted to know every detail about my life, was gone. 

She was gone from this planet and nobody seemed to care.

Or if they did care, people just did not know what to do. They did not know what to say. They did not know how to comfort me. Because of that, many of them chose to say nothing, which hurt even more because I felt like I was the sad friend that nobody wanted to be around. I felt very alone in my pain. I felt like nobody understood. I felt like nobody could help me make it better. I went to a suicide support group, and I did find some temporary comfort, being in a room full of people who were going through the same thing.

The part that scared me out of my mind was that there were people in that group who were several years out from losing someone they loved to suicide and were still expressing the same amount of struggle that I was experiencing. Several people in that group were unable to work. Many of them reported that they were barely functioning. They shared that every day was such a struggle. Every day was a challenge. Every day, there were triggers. Every day, they were just barely getting by. 

Are you ready to get unstuck?
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